British Gunmakers of the 21st Century - By Donald Dallas

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  • Showcases the great variety of guns and rifles on offer entirely built in Great Britain today
  • Profiling 19 gunmakers including Holland & Holland, James Purdey and Boss & Co.  The book gives notes on the history of the companies, pricing information and contact details
  • Beautiful photography of rifles and shotguns from each manufacturer
  • Signed by the Author

In the nineteenth century there was thousands of British gunmakers plying their trade the length and breadth of the land building all qualities of gun and rifle.  Gunmakers have dwindled to a very small number today but the nature of the trade has changed from volume production to exclusive best guns only.

British gunmakers have embraced the new technology on offer and by using a combination of CNC machining and new steels allied to traditional gunmaking skills, they are building superb guns and rifles to the highest standard.  Unlike their competitors, British are not entirely built by machine and there is a large element of hand craftsmanship in every example built.  Not content to rest on their historic laurels, they have introduced new designs and brought their creations right up to date for the 21st Century requirements.

Guns and rifles are all built to the exact specifications of the customer and no two are alike. Each gun is individually made but designed to embrace modern requirements such as high pheasants, steel shot etc.

This book shows the great variety of guns and rifles on offer entirely built in Great Britain today and how British gunmakers still continue to lead the world in best quality guns and rifles.

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