Purdey Limited Edition Framed Trade Label Print

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£ 188.00

Framed limited edition commemorative print (200 pieces), individually signed and numbered by Chairman Nigel Beaumont, celebrating James Purdey & Sons' 200 years of gun making excellence. This print shows reproductions of four trade labels (found within gun cases relevant to the era) covering the period 1878-1955. The center gold label has been redrawn by hand and gold embossed from an original and rare 1816 gun case label, that can be seen in James Purdey's Mayfair longroom. Each print has an extra thick bevelled mount, enhancing each label.Oak and gold Victorian frame.This print comes with a card, numbered and signed by Nigel Beaumont, explaining the relevance of each trade label.A collector's item as well as a nice addition to any gun room.

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